A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


You're the sun and you need to re-align planets to get them into the habitable zone, and try to keep them there.

Once in the habitable zone planets will do some basic evolving, trees, houses and a rocket appears… eventually they will destroy themselves and the big bang starts it over again. You win if you make it to the Apocalypse stage of evolution… which is keeping a planet safe for 25 of its orbits.

If 2 planets collide they start their evolution from scratch and their orbital paths are changed, potentially destroying more worlds. If a planet collides with the Sun it is destroyed.

Best played in 2D mode but hit L-Ctrl and you'll get a first person view of your "Small Worlds", hopefully nothing smashes into them and you can get a glimpse.

This is more of a zen game, but I guess the win condition would be lining up all the planets in the habitable zone and keeping them all there until at least one of them reaches the maximum stage of development (25 orbits, without any collisions).

Controls: Left / Right to move / aim the solar flares. Up/Down is also in first person mode L-Shift to fire a Solar Flare

Some rudimentary sounds, but nothing special.

Source code: https://github.com/emileae/LDJam38

Install instructions

Only a mac build for now... webGL build is up, I'll get a windows port out hopefully in the next few days.


PlanetHellMacSound.app.zip 14 MB
PlanetHellWindows.zip 11 MB