Taiko Defense!

Defend the Sakura by placing taiko drums on the map. Each drum has a beat that damages enemies. Each beat costs a little energy, run out or energy or allow enemies to reach the Sakura and you lose.

Still a little buggy and needs work.

  • Different drums should be better Drums should be differentiated more clearly
  • Win/Lose should be better defined
  • Game needs balancing
  • Difficulty level is fickle
  • Should be more clear when enemies are hit

This was a quick 1 day attempt at the mini Ludum Dare #73... let me know what you think.

This is a unity WebGL build so load times are long, also Google Chrome and Safari sometimes block the player.

*If you try out the Mac version, press escape to leave the game.


TaikoDefenseMac.app.zip 16 MB


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Hey, I tried your game and enjoyed it quite a bit~

I made a video talking about your game, amongst others, so I thought I'd share it here:

Thank you for your effort and keep doing what you're doing~

Thanks for making the video(s) it was nice to see the other miniLD 73 entries. Much appreciated!